Fishing in Costa Rica Jaco

Experience “Life Fishing ” Fishing withing quepos, Los Suenos, Herradura bay…The water around Quepos the central pacific, are among the richest I’ve found and the play equipment suitable fishing, find the big fish is almost guaranteed. And it’s not just off shore fishing makes this incredible fishing destination . Opportunities to experience the very Quepos inland fishing is so rich and exciting. Just wait for the experience of the struggle of a roosterfish sets and you’ll know exactly what we mean .


Fishing Costa Rica Jaco

Fishing in the region has much to offer, sailing a boat through rich Pacific Ocean, you will be able to catch a tuna or mahi mahi, while enjoying the great ship. Our team is trained and support fish finder, who will gladly help with fishing.

Fishing Costa Rica

Every day you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean without end, exotic jungle and magnificent mountains, discovering a beautiful sunset in Costa Rica.

Comprising only 26 rooms equipped with numerous amenities and helpful staff, we are ready to make your stay with us and an exciting, personal and unforgettable experience…


Fishing Costa Rica from Jaco Beach

Fishing Costa RicaFishing in Jaco Beach Costa Rica is an interesting excursion to visit Jaco Beach. Pacific waters off the coast of Costa Rica are literally filled with a variety of dynamic anglers delight. A paradise for fishermen who wait, and those lucky enough to participate in the legendary waters is literally garbage collection, including rare and exotic capture precious as Marlin, roosterfish, tarpon, snook, wahoo, Dorado, Barracuda, Snapper and more. Costa Rica has been considered one of the top international destinations for the professional angler – and the area off the coast of Jaco Beach is probably the best of the best when it comes to questioning a once in a lifetime trophy fish .

Fishing enthusiasts traveled extensively advertised well Costa Rica, and in particular the Jaco area, to be today conquests mecca most wanted and elusive. A day in the waters off…

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Fishing Costa Rica Jaco

We are a small hands on operation. We treat every new client as a new friend. Living and working in Costa Rica was an extraordinary experience. I’ve been in the business of sport fishing for over 35 years and have wanted to help and teach people to fish. Fully appreciate the look on the face of a person to participate in the biggest fish in there life. To be able to show people around Costa Rica with all the wildlife and the scenery is simply a new experience everyday.
Costa Rica Fishing We cordially invite you to come and stay with us at one of our many hotels, resorts, rental apartment or fabulous beach directly on the beach.